San Jose - Monteverde - 8:00 am Shuttle

San Jose - Monteverde - 8:00 am Shuttle
From USD $52.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
From Monteverde to Liberia departure at 8:00

Fast, safe, and easy.

This is a shared transportation option in an air-conditioned minibus between Monteverde - Liberia destinations. Shuttle routes operate daily.  

Shuttle service is a convenient easy way to travel.  However, depending on group size, private transport may offer a better price per person and a more flexible departure time.

There is at least one stop along the way where passengers can stretch, use the facilities, and get a snack.  In most cases, this shuttle is  door-to-door service, picking passengers up at your  hotels in the starting destination and dropping them off at hotels in the final destination.  However, sometimes a particular hotel is located outside the area’s main hotel zone, and the shuttle will not provide this.

Limited Availability.